Wisba's tip jar!

Hello, and welcome to the tip jar!! If you like my work enough to leave me a tip, I'd be incredibly grateful.
This jar can also be used to pay for additional characters, backgrounds, and any other additions you want on your commission. For your reference:

Additional Characters

  • Sketch: +$5 per character
  • Lineart: +10 per character
  • Full Color: +25 per character

Additional Pets / animals

  • Sketch: +$5 per character
  • Lineart: +5 per character
  • Full Color: +8 per character

Simple Background: +$15

To tip me just enter the quantity of how much you'd like to leave. (So if you want to add $5 as a tip, you'd pick the tips option and choose a quantity of 5. If you'd like to pay for a simple background, you'd choose a quantity of 15, and so on)

Thank you for your patronage!