Wisba's Charity Commissions!

Wisba’s Charity Commission Post!

I’ll be doing these for the foreseeable future! If you’re not sure if I’m still doing them, feel free to email me at wisbaemail@gmail.com. 

PLEASE NOTE!! ** In order to qualify for the charity commission, you MUST send me a screenshot of your receipt from one of the listed charities! **

First off,

Where can I donate?

There are two lists I’ve been letting people choose from. I want to make my own list in the future, but for the sake of getting this out quickly, I’ll use the premade lists I was always using. List 1 / List 2 

What can I donate?

5$ and up will get you a commission! The more money you donate, the more time I’ll spend on your art!!

What kind of art can I get?

As stated above, I’ll draw you a cute girl! You can give me 3 keywords if you have something in mind, or I can also just draw you. If you’d like something more specific (you and your SO, fanart, your pet, etc), that’s ok too! I just request you hash that out with me via email / DM so I can properly gather references etc.!